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ShipHygiene™ - Maritime Health, Hygiene and Sanitation

What is the ShipHygiene™ Programme?

The ShipHygiene™ Programme is a Global on-board Ship Health and Hygiene Programme
(Drinking Water, Food, Effluent) specifically designed and developed for the Shipping Industry.

The ShipHygiene™ Programme encompasses the following components:

  • WaterCheck™ - Global on-board Drinking Water Safety [IHR (2005), ILO 178 (2009), 98/83/EC]
  • FoodCheck™ - Global on-board Food Safety [IHR (2005), ILO 178 (2009), EC 2073/2005]
  • EffluentCheck™ - Global on-board Wastewater Effluent Quality [MARPOL Annex IV, 2009/123/EC]
  • CaterSafe™ - Hygiene and Food Safety Inspection Services
  • Hygiene Advisory Services (
  • Legionella Inspection and Control Services (
  • Risk Assessment Advisory Services
  • Epidemiological Surveillance of Infectious Diseases
  • Problem Solving and Crisis Management
  • Maritime and Travel Medicine
  • Hygiene and Sanitation Training Services
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About Us

SafeFood Laboratories (, is a leading independent provider, operating as a one-stop shop, offering an extensive range of accredited Analysis, Inspection, Training, as well as technical and legal/regulatory Advisory services to the Food, Drink and Consumer Products, Environmental, Hospitality, Healthcare, and Shipping markets.

SafeFood Laboratories is the only International Laboratory Testing Service provider in Cyprus, and the only accredited (ISO 17025), internationally recognised, Laboratory Testing Service provider close to the maritime hub of the Limassol (Cyprus) Port.

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Why Us?

  • Only International Laboratory Testing Service provider in Cyprus
  • Only Accredited (ISO 17025), Internationally recognised, Laboratory Testing Service provider close to the maritime hub of the Limassol (Cyprus) Port
  • Only one-stop shop for Maritime Health and Sanitation Services in Cyprus
  • Premium, up-market, professional Services
  • Innovative, market-leading, high-tech approach to the provision of Laboratory Testing Services
  • Test Certificates issued are legal, controlled documents
  • Clear, detailed, easy for everyone to "read and interpret"
  • Colour coded Test results
  • Easily locate out of specification Test results and Samples
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