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ShipHygiene™ - Maritime Health, Hygiene and Sanitation

There are legal obligations for the Shipping industry arising from the International Maritime Organization (IMO) MARPOL Annex IV, Department of Merchant Shipping regulations, ISM code, and EU legislation as to the Water Quality/Safety and the Food Quality/Safety consumed onboard by seamen and crew, and the wastewater treatment Effluent or sewage discharged from ships.

ShipHygiene™ provides the Ship owner and Ship managers with independent, reliable, and cost-effective answers of the on-board Drinking Water Safety and Quality and/or Food Safety and Quality, assisting them to fulfil their legal and due diligence obligations. All Analysis/Test Certificates issued are legal, controlled documents, and are globally recognized.

The ShipHygiene™ Programme is administered by SafeFood Laboratories (ISO 17025 accredited Laboratory) experienced, qualified, expert, cross-disciplinary team of microbiologists, food scientists, chemists, quality control specialists, hygiene and food safety inspectors, with over 25 years practical experience in the Health, Environmental, and Sanitation Services industry.

What does WaterCheck™ involve?

  • Microbiological analysis of Water for the major bacterial water indicators and bacterial pathogens
  • Chemical analysis of Water (Full ionic and cationic analysis)

What does FoodCheck™ involve?

  • Microbiological analysis of Food for the major bacterial food hygiene indicators, and
    bacterial food pathogens

What does EffluentCheck™ involve?

  • Microbiological analysis of Wastewater Effluent for the major bacterial water indicators
    and bacterial pathogens
  • Chemical analysis of Wastewater Effluent

What does CaterSafe™ involve?

  • Two Hygiene Audits of the food preparation and serving area of the premises
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For the WaterCheck™, FoodCheck™, and the EffluentCheck™ Programmes these are also included

  • All the necessary consumables(sterile sampling bottles dosed with sodium thiosulphate, UV irradiated Food Sampling Bags, sampling instructions, sample labels, detailed crew instructions, blank form for sample characterization to be filled out by the crew, MSDS sheets).
  • Consumable transportation charges via DHL to the vessel
  • Sample transportation charges via DHL from the vessel to SafeFood Laboratories
  • Electronic delivery of the Test Certificates, via LIMS
  • Colour coded Test results